How Zoodel Works | Zoodel Online Wholesale Market
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    Join Freeview potential deals
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    Connections interact with buyers / sellers
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    Expand Business make a good deal
  • Get Assistance to Find Suppliers

    Get Assistance to find the best suppliers

    If you don't find the product, you can send us your Request for Quote and we will use our suppliers' network to find for you the best sellers.

  • Browse Suppliers in all Countries

    Browse Suppliers in each category

    You can search for the Sellers in each product category with unlimited access to their profile.

  • Have a Direct Contact with the Supplier

    Have a direct contact with the supplier

    Iraqi Buyers can place orders directly on the seller page and its products.

  • Constantly be Updated with the Latest Activity

    Constantly be updated with the latest activity

    If you are looking for a product that is not available, you can easily set up an alert so you will be notified immediately.

  • Teklif isteğiniz için VIP destek alın

    Have VIP follow up for your order

    Our local support team help Iraqi Buyers for their questions.

  • Get 100 Percent Payment Protection

    Get the order and pay after (COD)

    We cover the Iraqi Buyers to order the product and pay after the delivery to make sure that the product has already shipped or the quality of the product received is match with the standards as per the specifications with the Seller.

  • Find New Products to Sell in your Store

    Find new added products of the seller 

    Browse thousands of products and find the right suppliers for your inquiries. You will get all the information you need to make a purchase decision.

  • Quote Requests to Multiple Suppliers with just 1 Click

    Order from multiple suppliers with just one click to add to your basket

    Our online order system allows you to easily add products from various suppliers with just one click to your basket.

  • Get to know the Background of Potential Suppliers and Reduce your Risks

    Get to know the review of potential suppliers and reduce your risks

    You can check the seller order history of his previous experience in his page validated by Zoodel team to make sure of the seller performs. 


    For Buyers / Sellers

    • Learn how to Export & Import

      Be updated of the latest news and regulations

      We provide you the latest and accuarate news regarding the standards and regulations related to import and export of two countries to do your trade with confidence in Zoodel. 

    • Communicate Easily and Openly

      Communicate easily and openly

      Iraqi Buyer can visit the sellers page and the full details of product information to decide for placing order. 

    • Reduce the Risk of Fraud

      Reduce the risk of fraud

      We have a verification process for both the seller and the buyer to minimize the risks for both sides and provide a trusted place t trade with. 

    • Increase your Confidence in Trading with New Partners

      Increase your confidence in trading with new partners

      The Zoodel verification process gives the Iraqi buyers and Iranian sellers unique information for a safe selection of new business partners.