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About Us

Our mission is to facilitate and further advance export from Iran to neighbor and Silk Road countries

Our mission is to facilitate and further improved trading between the Iranian Sellers and the Iraqi Buyers

We provide domestic or worldwide suppliers and buyers an easy-to-use online interface that can fulfil their trading needs

We provide domestic Iraqi buyers an online interface that can fulfil their trading needs

With our platform suppliers and buyers can generate business leads, confirm credibility and promote their products 24 hours a day

With our platform, Iraqi buyers can place an order with Cash on Delivery (COD) payment mode with wholesale price

Zoodel empowers Iranian sellers and Iraqi buyers to optimize their supply chain:

  • Sellers and buyers can easily find a match for the products they offer or look for.

  • Contacts are made directly between sellers and buyers.

  • All information is exchanged on Zoodel, including detailed product specifications and capabilities.

  • The Zoodel verification process gives sellers and buyers unique information for a safe selection of business partners.

  • Iraqi buyer can place order on iraq.zoodel.com website and the Iranian seller will be informed about the order and make it ready to ship through the shipping provider in Zoodel, then we facilitate the customs formalities, shipping, customs clearance in Iraq, delivery and collecting the money.

  • Sellers and buyers can also benefit from follow up service to their order and professional local support service.

Zoodel Advantages

For Iraqi Buyers

  • Browse Suppliers in all Countries

    Browse Iranian Products in website

  • Get Assistance to Find Suppliers

    Get assistance for the product you look

  • Have a Direct Contact with the Supplier

    Have a direct contact with the Seller

  • Constantly be Updated with the Latest Activity

    Access to the orders through the Buyer's dashboard 

  • Have VIP Follow up for your Request For Quote

    Have VIP Follow up for your order

  • Get 100 percent Payment Protection

    Get order and pay after (COD)

  • Find New Products to Sell in your Store

    Finding new addedd products of your interest

  • Quote Requests to Multiple Suppliers with just 1 Click

    Order from multiple Sellers with just one click and add to your basket

  • Get to know the Background of Potential Suppliers and Reduce your Risks

    Geting to know the review of the Iranian Seller activity to reduce the risks


For Buyers / Sellers

  • Reduce the Risk of Fraud

    Reduce the risk of fraud

  • Learn how to Import and Export

    Be updated of the latest news and regulations

  • Communicate Easily and Openly

    Communicate easily and openly

  • Increase your Confidence in Trading with New Partners

    Increase your confidence in trading with new partners

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