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Tropicana Slim Stevia Sweetener Sachets Pack
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Tropikana Slim Sweetener Taken from the natural sweetness of Stevia leaves, without the increase in calories and body sugar, it tastes like sugar. It contains no harmful artificial sweeteners (saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame) and can be dissolved in hot and cold beverages without tooth decay. Another advantage of this product is its competitive taste and lack of iron taste compared to other domestic and foreign brands. A sachet of non-calorie sweetener with Stevia equals about 2 tablespoons of sugar and for one / two cups of hot or It's cold enough and easily dissolves in your favorite beverages. Suitable for: Anyone who cares about their health, especially for diabetics and loved ones who are always on the lookout for lean / healthy diets and low-calorie foods. This product contains 20 free sachets. Rand Tropikana Slim is owned by Notifrood Company (1979-Indonesia) for nearly four decades. Nutrifood is one of the most prestigious and high-quality brands in the world of low-calorie / no-calorie food products with the slogan "Quality of our products is our propaganda" because of its health-focused mission.

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  • Noavaran Fan Avazeh
  • Tehran - IRAN
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